Aongus Collins Illustrations & Cartoons




I've illustrated many books, and written & illustrated three of my own:

The Legend of Charlie Haughey
(Revised and republished in 2006 as Charlie: A Life in Words and Pictures.)

Government Health Warning
(2007) An anthology of Irish Times cartoons on the state of the Irish health service.

A History of Sex and Morals in Ireland
(2001) A satirical survey of the Irish legislature's forays into abortion, contraception, divorce & associated issues since the time of the druids.


Tá cúig leabhair maisithe agam do na foilsitheoirí Gaeilge, an Gúm: An Leaba Sciathánach (2001); Céard atá sa Bhosca (2002); Glantachán Earraigh (2003); Labhraidh Loinseach (2005); Bleachtairí Beaga Bhaile Átha Cliath (2021).